Conversation 1ºESO

Objetivos 1er trimestre

General Objectives

  1. Improve the general fluency of the student in spoken English with the specific aim of passing the relevant Cambridge and Oxford exams they may wish to take.

  1. Working on their ability to communicate in English via project work and presentations.

  1. Allowing the students to express personal beliefs, views and opinions.

  1. Agree and disagree politely with others.

  1. Help the students gain confidence in spoken English and thus be more comfortable and effective at communicating in English.

Contenidos 1er trimestre

  • Topic: Gastronomic Culture

  • Using food culture as a base, compare differences and similarities between contrasting cultures.

  • Explore other countries, especially how geography and climate change the diet of these countries.

  • Express opinions about whether these diets are healthy or not.

  • Use superlatives and comparatives to compare these diets to the students own.

  • The students need to video themselves preparing food from their chosen country and then express their opinions on the food produced.

Criterios de evaluación

  • Tareas, ejercicios y corrección 50 %

  • Visualización de vídeos 10 %

  • Controles 30%

  • Asistencia y actitud 10 %

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